We are a team of friends, who are passionate about improving public health. Our passion resulted in the formation and the establishment of  Divinesips Pvt. Ltd. In collaboration with a USA based biotechnology company, we have developed the iced tea products: FLOETEA &  FLOETEA ZERO.


We use proprietary technology to process the natural tea leaves. We also use a proprietary formulation and a unique composition for natural taste, to produce the top quality soft drinks, FLOETEA and FLOETEA ZERO.


Our goal is to improve public health by reducing the total carbohydrate consumption.  We all know that carbohydrates are required for the functions of the human body. However, excess sugars, sodium, carbohydrates etc., are unhealthy and can lead to several health related conditions. Soft drinks are commonly consumed in our day to day lives and are one of the many sources of excess sugars & carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity (excess weight gain). We present an alternative, healthy soft drink called FLOETEA iced tea which has little to no sugar & carbohydrates as compared to flavored sugary powders, artificially flavored syrupy juices, carbonated soda or cola. etc. 



What is Floetea...?

FLOETEA (pronounce ‘Flo-Tea’) is a unique formulation of ICED TEA soft drink prepared from natural tea leaves. The innovative formulation of FLOETEA was originally developed by a USA based biotechnology company.

Iced Tea, in general terms, is a specific preparation of tea served in cold water. However, FLOETEA is uniquely prepared from natural tea and formulated for custom taste. FLOETEA is developed from herbal tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis), harvested and processed in India. The tea leaves are separated and processed to collect the essence and then formed to be a soluble, palatable tea drink. FLOETEA has very little calories and very little sugar and carbohydrate content as compared to certain soft drinks currently in the market. Additionally, it is formulated to include Polyphenols, Vitamin C, Calcium, Micronutrients and Antioxidants. 

FLOETEA is a healthy alternative compared to other syrupy juices, sugary powders and carbonated soda or colas.

Therefore, FLOETEA & FLOETEA ZERO are a tasty, healthy, and delicious choice

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