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We are a team of friends, who are passionate about improving public health. Our passion resulted in the formation of Divinesips Pvt. Ltd., a food manufacturing company. We licensed the core technology of natural tea preparation from a USA based biotechnology company. The natural tea leaf preparation is used in our products, whether they are served as Hot or Cold.

Team Inspiration

Our goal is to improve public health by reducing the total carbohydrate consumption. We all know that carbohydrates are required for the normal functions of the human body. However, excess sugars, sodium, carbohydrates etc., are unhealthy and can lead to several health-related conditions. Beverages are commonly consumed in our day to day lives and are one of the many sources of excess sugars & carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity (excess weight gain).

The Best Tea Products

Our Products

Everyone Loves Tea. A lot of Tea powders are currently available in the market. But our products are not the same as traditional tea powders. Our tea powders are too fine particles and will be dispersed easily and fully in water. It doesn’t contain tea leaf related debris and therefore no need to filter or drain your drink.

We present tea premixes with all benefits of the natural, traditional tea; but a few additional benefits as well. Let’s look at our Hot Tea and also Iced Tea Products:

FLOETEA Instant Chai [Hot Tea]

Everyone loves a cup of hot tea. We help and reduce the time and steps associated with making a cup of traditional hot tea. Our Tea Premix doesn’t have any plant debris or residues. Therefore, no need to filter the tea anymore. No need to boil the tea powder with water to extract the tea essence or taste. No need to look for milk and sugar. We present you a ready to drink hot tea premix. Add only hot water into the premix and the delicious Chai is ready to drink. Isn’t easy and simple?

  • No need to filter or drain, since there are no leaf debris.
  • No need to boil the tea powder with water to extract the tea essence.
  • No need to search for Milk and Sugar, it’s included in our premix [we also make Sugar Free products].
  • Quick & easy to make a cup of hot tea.
  • Make tea while at home or office.
  • Add only hot water and your tea is ready to drink.
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FLOETEA Iced Tea [Cool Drinks]

Iced Tea, in general terms, is a specific preparation of tea served in cold water. It is uniquely prepared from natural tea and formulated for custom taste. FLOETEA iced tea is a healthy alternative compared to other artificially flavored fruit juices, sugary cool drink powders and carbonated soda or colas. Floetea Instant tea products are natural, tasty, healthy and refreshing. FLOETEA has very little calories and very little sugar and carbohydrate content as compared to certain soft drinks currently in the market. Additionally, it is formulated to include Polyphenols, Vitamin C, Calcium, Micronutrients and Antioxidants.

It feels really great to drink a glass of cool drink (sarbbath), when we are thirsty. It’s an awesome drink, especially during the hot summer time. We also greet our guests with a welcome drink. Soft drinks have a vital space in our life. But how many of you know that the traditional cool drink contains a lot of sugar? Several commercial cool drink preparations currently available in the market are made using synthetic or artificial fruit flavors and colors.  Our team is introducing Iced Tea cool drinks, prepared from natural tea leaf. It’s healthy, delicious and sweet but contains zero to low sugar content.

Floetea Iced Tea is an alternative soft drink, that has a little to zero added sugar & carbohydrates as compared to artificially flavored, sugary fruit powders, flavored syrupy juices and carbonated soda or cola. Try FLOETEA Iced Tea products today.

What is Floetea…?

FLOETEA (pronounce ‘Flo-Tea’) is a proprietary blend of Instant Tea Powder. We formulated our Instant Tea powder into a verity of premixes designed for Hot Tea [Chai] Drinks and also Iced Tea Soft Drinks. The instant tea is formulated from natural tea leaves and this innovative formulation of FLOETEA was originally developed by a USA based biotechnology company.

FLOETEA premix is developed from herbal tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis), harvested and processed in India. The tea leaves are separated and processed to collect the essence and then formulated into a soluble, palatable tea drink.

Drink Tea either Hot or Cold, it is up to the customer’s choice. Either Hot or Cold, the benefits of natural tea remain unchanged.  Our customers health and convenience are our business goal. We reduced the calories and carbohydrate contents in our drinks. Floetea Instant Chai premix is very helpful, easy & quick to make a cup of hot tea. We inform the benefits of our products to the customers. A well-informed customer is our best customer.

FLOETEA Instant tea products are natural, delicious, healthy and refreshing.
I love Floetea Masala Chai. It’s kadak chai and is very easy to make a cup of tea. I usually keep the hot water in a flask and make my hot morning tea on my bed. It’s so easy. I love it.
Pradeep Bhaskar

Best Products

Quality & Taste is everything to us as Indians. Our Team customizes the tea to serve you either Hot Tea or Cool Drinks Tea. Whether you drink tea as Hot or Cold, the source and benefits of natural tea remains unchanged. The choice is yours and you are the decision makers.

Premium Quality Instant Tea Products!